Honey Badger Claw

Honey Badger Knife by Western Active HB1142

What is the honey badger claw and what is the purpose of that shape blade?

The honey badger claw has blade known in the industry as a hawk bill.
Hawk bill shaped blades make very useful utility knives.
Whether you are cutting rope, netting, boxes etc. the honey badger claw would be your ideal companion.
It’s claw like tip could be used to cut open boxes very easily and it’s curved blade puts more of the edge in contact with any kind of cordage.
In an emergency it would also make short work of a car seat-belt.

In the video below we see how the serrated model easily cuts through washing line rope, multi strand dual core speaker wire and 1″ tubular webbing.

And here using the plain edge Honey Badger Claw to take apart a cardboard box.

These two Claw models would also be ideal when used with gloved hands, the ball bearing flipper making them easy to open with just your index finger.

There are many blades shapes and colors in the Honey Badger range, click here to find out more.